1. Office hours for Pastor Rhodes are Wednesdays from 8:30am-12:30pm.

2. Bible Study will continue today at 5:00pm and will continue on Sundays until we are finished. We will continue our study of Ray Vander Laan series.

3. Thanks to Kathy Hefner we have available the newest copy of the church directory. Please pick up a copy to check your information and notify Kathy of any corrections.

4. WOMEN’S MEETING: The women are meeting the second Saturday of each month at the church, 9:30am. Everyone is invited. Bring a breakfast item. Next meeting is March 13th. Contact Karin T. for more information.

5.MEN’S MEETING: Nick P. wants to get the interested men started with their meetings. to be held at the church and breakfast brought in. Contact Nick P. if interested.

6. Mask Wearing: We are wearing them as an expression of love for those who have conditions that make them more susceptible to Covid and a special section, in the back, is set aside for those who cannot wear one. Please come!

7. Wednesday Lenten Services begin this Wednesday at 6:15 for a lite meal of soup and sandwich and service at 7:00.

8. The NALC Newsletter & Lenten Devotion announcement was emailed. You can also receive these by going to and you can either have them sent to you daily via email or listen to a pod cast from the NALC webpage.

9. Prayer Vigil: We are having a 12 hour Prayer Vigil following the Good Friday Service again this year from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am Saturday. Sign up on a sheet in the Narthex or contact the church office.

10. We are now using Setting 2.

11. By way of an announcement and thank you I share with you that we have received a generous donation of$500 from Holy Trinity Troutman. The church council will be meeting right after Worship today for their monthly meeting and will decide in which ministry they will invest this gift.