1. Office hours for Pastor Rhodes are Wednesdays from 8:30am-12:30pm.


3. Please remember to share and use the service videos as an introduction to CULC to your friends and neighbors as an assist to help increase the flock.

4. WOMEN’S MEETING: The women are meeting the second Saturday of each month at the church, 9:30am. Everyone is invited. Bring a breakfast item. Next meeting is March 8th. Contact Karin T. for more information.

5. Portals of Prayer devotionals are in the Narthex.

6. Mask Wearing: We are wearing them as an expression of love for those who have conditions that make them more susceptible to Covid and a special section, in the back, is set aside for those who cannot wear one. Please come!





11. A few copies of the CULC newsletter for April is in the Narthex. It was sent out via email to those that have given their email address to the church. If ou did NOT receive the email, please talk with Kathy to try to remedy the situation.

12. Also, the NALC NEWS was sent out via email and there are a few copies of that in the Narthex as well or you can go to the NALC website for your own copy.

13. CONGREGATIONAL WORKSHOP: WE NEED EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS IMPORTANT WORKSHOP May 16, 2021. As we move further into a time where we can meet again at the church the Church Council has scheduled a “Congregational Workshop.” This will be a time for us to work with Pastor Steve and the Council to review our Core Values and identify our Mission, Vision and Ministry Plan. This is essential to assemble a Congregational Profile which the Call Committee will compile and submit to the NALC Headquarters and will use to introduce our church family to the pastoral candidates they interview. For a proper match of pastor and congregation this document will serve a vital importance to the process. So PLEASE mark your calendar to be with us as we plan for the future of Christ United. (Time to be announced)