1. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL July 22-24 AND The Summer Outdoor Series #1, July 23, 12-3 p.m. Together In July. VBS theme is Adventure Island.

2. Please remember to share and use the service videos as an introduction to CULC to your friends and neighbors as an assist to help increase the flock.

3. CULC WOMENS MEETING: The Women’s Group Meet on the second Saturday of each month. July [email protected]:30 a.m. No further information available.

4. The Council is requesting that there be some more current photos of the events of the congregation, so they are asking for everyone to snap pictures of our times together and to send them to David C. His email is [email protected]

5. NALC Disaster Response: We have begun an ongoing ministry opportunity to help gather supplies for the NALC Disaster Response warehouse in North Carolina. There is a list of the items needed in the Narthex as well as the May newsletter. Please bring your items and place them in the Narthex in the designated area. If you cannot provide complete kits, bring any items that you wish and we will send them on and others will build a complete kit.

6. ARE YOU ACTIVE MILITARY OR A VETERAN? Lutheran Military Veterans and Family Ministries.

Ministry info at

7. BIBLE STUDY: Pastor Gary’s Bible Study Series is Sunday Evenings at the church 7:00 p.m. Begin Session 2, (Day 1 in the Study) “Getting to Know God and Yourself” 1 John 1:-2:2

8. THE CULC MEN’S FELLOWSHIP MEETING: The men will meet on the third Saturday every month at 9:00 a.m. June 18.

9. SOLES4SOULS: During the month of May and maybe June, we will be collecting all styles and sizes of shoes. GENTLY WORN! Wrap with rubber bands to keep them paired and bring them to church, put them in the designated area.

10. SOS #2 Daniel V.

11. SOS #3 Kevin S. around the fire pit.

12. July-August Pregnancy Care Center, Caldwell-Community Baby Shower

13. Blanket Drive: November 16 – December 28 (or Sleeping Bags) for homeless.