1. Reverencing the Cross; We begin Worship by facing the back of the sanctuary. As we sing the first hymn the Cross is carried to the front of the church. We should turn and bow as the Cross passes by. We do the same at the end of Worship as the Cross is carried from the front to the back of the Sanctuary. Symbolic of the procession with the Cross of Jesus going on before, is a powerful suggestion of the Christian Life, following Christ wherever he leads.

2. Please remember to share and use the service videos as an introduction to CULC to your friends and neighbors as an assist to help increase the flock.

3. WOMEN and MEN’S combined MEETING: The men and women are meeting the second Saturday of each month at the church, 9:30am. Everyone is invited. Bring a breakfast item. Next meeting is Nov. 13th. Contact Karin T. for more information.

4. Portals of Prayer devotionals are in the Narthex.

5. The Council is requesting that there be some more current photos of the events of the congregation, so they are asking for everyone to snap pictures of our times together and to send them to David C. His email is [email protected]

6. Also, the NALC NEWS was sent out via email and there are a few copies of that in the Narthex as well or you can go to the NALC website for your own copy.


Documents, photos and videos from the convocation and other events of Lutheran Week will be posted at

8. NALC Disaster Response: We have begun an ongoing ministry opportunity to help gather supplies for the NALC Disaster Response warehouse in North Carolina. There is a list of the items needed in the Narthex as well as the May newsletter. Please bring your items and place them in the Narthex in the designated area. If you cannot provide complete kits, bring any items that you wish and we will send them on and others will build a complete kit.

9. ARE YOU ACTIVE MILITARY OR A VETERAN? Lutheran Military Veterans and Family Ministries.

10. FALL FESTIVAL BIBLE SCHOOL AND TRUCK OR TREAT. Will be a one day event held at New Jerusalem Lutheran in Hickory on Saturday Oct. 30 from 2-7 p.m. For PreK – grade 6. Older youth may assist. Dinner at 5:00, then a costume contest. Registration forms available soon.

11. OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD We will be collecting the Shoeboxes again this year. There are plastic shoe boxes in the Narthex, regular shoe boxes are ok to use also. See the October News Letter for more information. Questions, contact Kathy. Plan now to participate.